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Citizens Sports

Sponsorship Program 

Featuring FanGenSM

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Why Sponsorship? 

Sponsorship allows your sports organization to raise capital, increase participation, and build valuable relationships within your community! 

Citizens Sports can provide your team with top quality kit and equipment and help you get it paid for! Through our Sponsorship Program, we offer several services and products to help your sports organization increase and develop the benefits you can provide your members. 

Our Sponsor Program Includes:  

- A free consultation to determine the needs and wants of your organization.

- A sponsorship plan and a team to help you reach your sponsorship goals that is managed through an account with Citizens Sports.

FanGenSM to help you establish a sustainable and viable pathway for your members that will facilitate the growth of your organization.

- Admin, marketing and event planning assistance.

- Web and online store assistance.

- Gear design and sponsor logo placement. 

- 20% store discount for all your members. 

- Access to the Citizens Sports Business Network

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