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The Citizens Huddle

Citizens Sports is driven by the belief that "sport belongs to all of us."

This idea is embodied by our logo: The Citizens Huddle.

The huddle expresses the growth of sport both as a whole and through individuals.

The dots represent individuals as they grow through the different levels of sport. As the size and shade of each dot grows and darkens, so does the experiences of sports participants grow from a new player to a seasoned veteran.

The huddle faces in on itself to show the inward reflection of that experience and how those that came before shape and guide those who come after.

Finally, the huddle is left open as sport is open to all who wish to join.

Citizens Sports offers products and services to Sports Organizations (SO's), Fans of Sports Organizations, Small Businesses, Corporations, Vendors, and any entity that is in the business of growing community sports!  

Sports Organizations (SO's)

    • More than just an apparel company! We can help you with anything and everything you need to play and compete.
    • Make your sport more affordable through our Sponsorship Program; receive admin assistance and marketing solutions.  
    • Checkout FanGen, a service that will allow you to engage your community and grow your fan base via the development of players, coaches, referees and administrators.
        • Fans - Citizens Sports helps fans connect with their team through an online team store, events, and promotional deals to help support the team you love.

Small Businesses and Corporations (Sponsors)

    •  Connect your brand to your community through the support of local sports organizations. Your brand will look great alongside people making some of the best memories of their lives!
    • Sponsor Packages are semi-customizable, and always aim to ensure that you meet your out reach goals while establishing long lasting relationships with your customers. 


    • Sports Organizations are made up of lots of people who are always looking for great new products and services! Contact us to see how you can become a featured vendor on our website and how you can engage new customers at one of our events. 

Contact us for investment opportunities:


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